Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Word Meter is Online!


I feel like a total genius right this minute because I have managed to get a word meter to show up on my blog all by myself! I found the website for the counter, I looked up the html coding to make it show as an image, figured out which Blogger gadget to use to make it post....

And there it is! Over there, on the right! See it? (oooh....shiny...)

My (admittedly rather modest) goal is 1,o00 words a week right now that's actually WIP-oriented rather than Duels or exercises or something else. Theoretically then I could finish a novel in a year. The plan at the moment is to track three or four weeks in a row, see how I'm doing.

Anyway, I am so dang excited about that little picture I almost can't stand it. So enjoy. With any luck there'll actually be some word count on there shortly!


  1. I look forward to watching it grow. ~happy dance~ I'm proud of you!

  2. Awesome! Sometimes, it's the little things that get us going. I figure, heck with it. The important thing is they get us going, not how big they are! ~hugs~