Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coffee and the Collar on Nightlight July 24!

In preparation for the launch of my serial story Coffee and the Collar on the Nightlight blog on July 24, I am posting the story that introduces its main character, Charlie. He only has a brief appearance here, but a couple paragraphs was all it took to launch a whole serial story!

Here is Treasure Hunt:

Ulysses P. Rathbone slapped his credit card on the counter, snatched the cell phone out of the sales clerk’s hands and started dialing. He still had no idea why those ducks had dive bombed him at the fountain and sent his Blackberry plunging to the depths of the wishing pool, but he’d finally gotten it replaced. Now he just needed to get a hold of Charlie and have him resend the email with the final Super Search clue.

“Hi, Boss!” came the enthusiastic reply from the other end of the line. Charlie was gay as a maypole and twice as chipper, but he was a genius with computers, so Ulysses put up with the sugar shock.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Writer's Retreat Blog posts

Although I have been neglecting my own blog, I have actually been posting elsewhere and thought I would share the links here.

The most recent one is around the recent Independence Day

The second one is a brief piece on Inspiration, something that came out of my work through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way.


Oh, that's right - I have a blog!

Apparently it's been a little longer than I thought since I posted here. So, quick update:

The first draft of Mistaken Identity is done, and came in at 3400 words. It needs editing, but it rolled out in such a rush, I wanted to breathe for a bit before I try to be objective about it.

Then I did a Duel on Romance Divas with a couple of my Knight characters, which was fun. I haven't gotten to play with Connor and Phallon very much for a while.

Then work blew up and I didn't get anything done at all.

Most recently, Gabe finally got his hands out of Travis's pants, although the story's not done. They need to talk, but men being men, they don't seem quite sure how to go about it.

The counters are updated, and even with a 0 week on there, it is a great reminder that I have been keeping at least in the ballpark of my objective of 1000 words a week. I'll take it!