Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen 9/30 - The Senses

Here are thirteen things that strongly appeal to my senses.  You know, the things that stay with you, the things you want to feel, hear, see over and over again.

1. The sound of tires or feet on gravel

2. Watching snow fall

3. The smell of fresh ground coffee

4. Rain falling on the carport roof

5. A fire in the fireplace

6. The sound of the ocean

7. The breeze on my skin at Red Rock Canyon, NV

8. The way light glows through a cream colored candle

9. flannel sheets

10. The fur on Fluffy’s head when he head-butts my arm

11. fresh picked strawberries

12. paraffin wax on my feet during a pedicure

13. the smell of Mountain Spring Downy on my carpet after I vacuum (I mix Downy and water and mist it on the carpet before I vacuum to get up more cat hair). If’ I’ve gone that far, it means my whole house is clean.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with these. My cat even does the same thing. The gravel occured to me just the other day when I went walking at the local arboretum. Wading through piles of fallen leaves is the only thing missing. I guess I haven't done that since childhood, though. Happy TT!